Zandy 1.1 Released!

I’m happy to announce that Zandy 1.1 is now available from the Android Market. For those upgrading from Zandy 1.0, please read the Notice for Zandy 1.0 users; the transition is a little messy.

This new release of Zandy brings a bunch of important improvements:

  • Attachments. You can now download and view file attachments to your Zotero items. Tap the “Attachments” item in the item details view, then tap the attachment you’re interested in. Once it downloads, it’ll open in an appropriate viewer app on your phone. Once Zotero’s API brings support for modifying attachments, we’ll support uploads and annotations too.
  • Notes. You can now view, edit, and add child notes on Zotero items. To view notes, go to the attachments list as above and select “New” from the options menu.
  • Search. You can now search your library by author and title. Press the “Search” button on your device, or select “Search” from the options menu while viewing an item list.
  • Sorting. The item views can now be sorted by title, date, and author.
  • Browser integration. You can now send web pages to Zandy from the Android browser or any other app with a “Send” functionality. Zandy will create a web page item for the page and sync it to the server. We don’t yet support running site translators, so the item will have just the title and URL of the page for now.
  • Collections. There was an issue in Zandy 1.0.x that prevented it from fetching all the items in larger collections. This has been fixed. Also, collections sizes are more accurately shown in the collection list.
This release was significantly delayed by the release issues that made it impossible to release as a simple update to Zandy 1.0, and subsequent updates should be more frequent, bringing more important features more quickly.
As always, I welcome your feedback, bug reports, and feature requests; just email me at, and I’ll do what I can to help out. Your satisfaction is guaranteed– if you aren’t happy with Zandy, or it doesn’t do what you need on your device, just let me know and I’ll refund the purchase price.
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