Notice for Zandy 1.0 users

On the Android Market, Zandy 1.1 is being released as a product distinct from Zandy 1.0.2. This is because I have lost access to the release keys used to sign the first release, so the security measures in Android make it impossible to simply release it as a free, automatic update.

The Zandy 1.1 release is essentially ready to be released, bringing with it many improvements, from cleaner item display to viewing attached PDFs; from item search to sorting. So I definitely want to get it out to all of you who have supported the project in this first month.

Unfortunately, there is no clear way to provide this update for free to all those who bought Zandy already, which I very much want to do; after all, I promised in all sincerity that buying Zandy was a one-time affair.

To get the new version of Zandy, it will be necessary to remove Zandy 1.0 from your device and buy Zandy 1.1 separately from the Android Market.

For those who bought Zandy 1.0, I will refund 100% of the purchase price for Zandy 1.1; just drop me a line at and I’ll handle it immediately. You’ll need to indicate the name on your account so I can credit it properly.

If buying the software again and having the cost refunded is not a workable solution for you, I can also provide you with the installation file (APK) for Zandy 1.1, and you can install it manually. The drawback of this approach is that the application will not update automatically. Still, I will be glad to provide you with updated APKs for each subsequent release of Zandy if you choose this method. If you choose this method, send a message to and indicate the name on your account, and I’ll send you the installation file.

I’m very sorry to all of you for causing this inconvenience. Zandy was my first foray into Android programming, and I have taken proper steps to ensure the security of the code signing key so that such blunders will not be repeated.

I’m looking forward to months and years of new releases of Zandy, to make it the best way to use Zotero on your mobile devices. Bear with me, and we’ll make it happen.

If you have any questions about the upgrade process or Zandy in general, please do contact me at

For details on what’s changed in Zandy 1.1, see the release announcement.

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