Zandy 1.4.2 is out

Zandy 1.4.2, out now, is required to continue using Zandy, as Zotero is changing the default behavior of some of its APIs. Please post to the forum if you have trouble using the new version.

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3 Responses to Zandy 1.4.2 is out

  1. It’s been a few weeks since this was published, I don’t see a new version in F-Droid. Is it possible to check why it’s not been updated there yet?:

  2. Avram Lyon says:

    I haven’t been the one uploading to F-Droid- you can get the APK from the releases page on Github.

  3. Andrei says:

    Hi Avram,
    Great App!
    It would be nice if the text on the buttons would be visible on eInk devices.
    Now, the text is white, so practically, invisible. I think an ereader is where it would make most sense to have such an app, and it is hardly usable (long press and move away on every button to see the text and then press the button you need). Now I learned the buttons(they’re not that many), but it would still be nice if the text on the buttons would be visible.
    Also, a “make all attachments available offline” option, would be nice, if you find the time.
    Thank you!

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